Maptags: Future of addressing system is here

While different countries and cities have different addressing system, internet has it’s own. for our home or office address, we need to remember different things. name, house/office number, first line, second line,city,postal code etc. similarly in our daily internet use, we require email address, IP address etc. particularly, Asian countries have much longer address as compare to other countries.

you must have a situation where you ordered something or you are expecting someone at your place and the address is hard to find. It gives you a headache. now imagine an addressing system that contains only a single word and that represents your location. Interesting, isn’t it?

When world is moving fast towards digital place, it is important to have a simple addressing system that does not create chaos. since in India, there would be multiple place with same name and your courier boy or postman or friends just get lost.

So now let’s get back to our today’s startup that solves this problem. How? follow me.

Maptags – Smart Addressing System:

So, how does Maptags help you solving this headache of addressing system?

How do you find a place in map? – just enter a place’s name and you would get your route towards your place. right? but What if the place you wants to go has multiple results? confused, right?

Now if you are a more techie or some CIA/FBI/Mossad/KGB agent, you might remember the longitude and latitude of a place. but a normal person like me can’t. so, Maptags provide you an opportunity to create a unique word(which once required to fill up your full address, that’s it) which represents your address. once it is created, just open the maptags page and put the unique word & Bang!! you find your route to the place.

Let’s see how it works,

Most person cannot remember multiple full addresses with postal codes. but all of us can remember multiple unique words at a time and if it can lead to a particular address, wonderful, isn’t it?

let’s say if you are an artist, if a word “IMPainter” can give your address to your customer. they can easily find you. Maptags does the exact thing. you can chose a word of your choice and it becomes your full address. This can help individuals, e-commerce, government or any other business to create a simple addressing system.

you can share a URL with your unique word and someone can find you easily. company claims, it is 10 times faster and 10 time easier.


Founder- Maptags Addressing system

Maptags is founded by Krishna Yogi, an IIT-Madras alumni. He has working experience with various prestigious companies like Microsoft-UK,Duetsche bank  and credit Suisse.






When asked how was this idea of smart addressing system evolved, listen it in his own words:

I used to attend quite a few interviews as I was bored with my job at Credit Suisse in Mumbai and every time faced the issue of typing the address in google search a hassle , so I thought why can’t a location be shared as a url or something so I don’t have to type an address in google maps.

Business Model:

Maptags has a Freemium model of business. here you can chose a tag with less than 12 characters for free. for more than 12 character you would have to pay INR 1000/- for a year. (However company has a promotional offer, if you refer a friend, you would get 2 years free tag)

Company is also providing opportunity to individuals to earn money through this smart addressing system. you can buy a catchy tag for now and later sell it someone at a higher price.


Company is currently bootstrapping. However they have strong interest from various investors.


Maptags has crossed $6000 in revenue and growing. So far Maptags has acquired 15000 customers and around 60000 Maptags have been taken by customers.

Future Plans:

Company is planning to tie up with government organizations. who knows we may have our addressing system system switched to Maptags for our post.

Maptags is also planning to connect with various businesses such as e-commerce to provide smart address.


Company believes that smart addressing system is a game of long term monopoly. Hence it has a very attractive value proposition.

Social media platform are being replaced by other platforms like we have seen from Orkut to Facebook. but people does not change their address so often. Once a Maptag is taken by an individual or a business entity, it is unlikely that they will switch to another one. Hence Maptags is here to stay long.

According to these system used all over the world, now every 3 Sq. meter has an address. As per an article published in The Newyork Times , Mongolia is switching their addressing system what3words. India may have Maptags as a new addressing system.

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