Clodura: Startup that changing the rule of sales game

Products or service can only survive in market with good sales strategy. strategy includes both by sales manager or by existing customer base. It is salesperson’s responsibility to create a strategy that identifies potential customers and their needs. And finally pitching them to make them believe that the product they are selling is perfect fit for their needs.This is been crucial when a company is involved in B2B business segment.

Sales person needs to analyse potential customers and their ability to purchase their products and accordingly create a dedicated plan to close the deal. In this process, decision maker is playing a big role since it’s his/her call to close the deal. Therefore sales persons are expected to identify the influencing person and find their contact details to close the deal.

Today we are going to introduce you to a startup which does all these hard work for salesperson from identifying decision maker to finding contact details of decision maker.

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Clodura is an automated LeadGen platform, which uses machine learning to find high value prospects which are more likely to close. It was founded in 2016 and based in Pune. Startup collects contact details for their customers from 80 paid and unpaid sources and analyzes them to understand the decision making process and strategic direction of each company. Clodura has created an algorithm. It not only predicts what does a company need but also at what time they would require which product/service. so that salesperson would contact them, pitch their product/service and close the deal. seems easy! right?

in their own words,

“Potentially, we help sales managers in finding low hanging fruits that can be closed quickly and create a healthy sales pipeline. We not only identify a problem but also find the decision maker and find his contact details, essentially doing all the hard work for sales teams, so that they can just focus on closing more deals.”

Watch in below video to understand what Clodura does.



Kapil Khangaonkar
Kapil Khangaonkar

Kapil Khangaonkar is the founder and CEO of the startup. He is an software engineer and has master’s degree in finance and marketing. Kapil has over 11 years of  experience in the IT sales domain. Mr. Khangaonkar led sales team in various organization and achieved multi-million dollars sales target.

The founder is enthusiastic about innovative technology and keeps achieving excellence with his skills and expertise.





Other team members includes Sunu Engineer. As his name describes, he is an engineer with 25 years of experience of leading many well known companies on technology front. He has been a visiting faculty at the American University of Beirut and scientific officer at Inter University center for astronomy and astrophysics

Same as Kapil He is a technology evangelist who loves to explore latest trends in technology and implement them.

Sales (Business) Model:

Clodura uses machine learning to find high value prospects which are more likely to close. Company provides end to end information and solution that a salesperson need to close the deal.

Company has 3 different plans to chose according to customer’s need.

  • CLODURA STARTER – $ 100 Monthly (Mini. 5 users)
  • CLODURA STANDARD$ 200 Monthly


Company also offers a minimum of 3 months trial period which is fully refundable.


Pune based Clodura recently raised Undisclosed amount seed fund from an angel investor Ajay Dubey. Mr. Ajay has 36 years of experience with giant IT organizations like  Infosys, Patni computers, Persistent and Uniken.

And, Mr. Ajay Dubey not only an investor in company, but also mentor them. Ajay Dubey is an IIT, Kanpur alumni with experience as a senior management person in different organizations. Therefore he is an asset for company.

Company has not yet disclosed it’s revenue.

Company motto & Work culture:

Sales Team- Work Culture

The early stage startup is believing in motto,  “let sales personal focus only on closing the deal.”

While company’s small team of marketing and engineering experts believes in “Never say No” attitude towards new challenges and thinking beyond the box to meet the end result.


Future Plan:

They are aiming to to have more than 40 customers by April, 2017.

Beginning of Clodura is wonderful with winning Startup of the year-2016 award at World Startup Expo.

So, Clodura is a rising star in sales & lead generation section which has potential to dominate the market by it’s technology driven platform and experienced core team.

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